Novels by Lee Williams


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Leon Noel, aka Noel Leon, the wistful protagonist of Memoirs of a Thin Man, meets a dashing African-American couple abroad and sees a chance for bi-topia. But can the quixotic hero survive his own runaway fantasies?

Independent RANDOM.ORG put the first words of all 120 chapters into an electronic hat. They selected the chapter headed by “Egestion.” Checkout the drawing results! You might instead choose to print the egg-shaped Chaptology and toss a dart or spin a spinner. It’s your whim… BUSTEDBINARIES.COM 2019


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Clickety Clack, Clickety Clack / Abe Lincoln’s Train Done Jumped the Track treats the Lincoln assassination and American Civil War as counter-historical farce. Along its rowdy way, the novel upends binaries of history, race and gender.

El Portal Productions 2013


The Lifeguard Murders Original Cover Final

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The Lifeguard Murders: A South Beach Story is all about streaks and repetition, about unstoppable routines, especially the curious habit of killing.

(includes bonus CD soundtrack by legendary streak runner Robert Raven Kraft)

Rip Current Publishing 2009



Author of Destiny by [Williams, Lee]


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Author of Destiny is essentially a brawl for authorship rights among five participant/ narrators. Among them is the book’s dead namesake Arnaldo Ochoa Sánchez, a real-life Cuban general executed for drug-trafficking. Livingston Press 2003.

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